How Board Room Technology Can Make Meetings More Collaborative and Productive

Board rooms are the primary place for the decisions that drive the company. They’re where ideas are rejected then rethought, accepted, and approved. It’s also where a number of cups of coffee come to an end while bored members listen to dismal presentations one after the next. Fortunately, modern technology for workplaces can make meetings more collaborative and productive.

The right meeting technology can give directors of boards the tools they require to connect with one another as well as their remote audience. In addition to improving collaboration, these tools can ensure that every board member is involved and able to participate equally, no matter their location or device.

A portal for boards is one of the best tools boards can make use of. Board portals are rapidly expanding to become the most relied upon technology for boards due to their capability to offer an array of tools that allow boards to prepare for meetings, collaborate during them and communicate afterward.

Interactive whiteboards are yet another important boardroom technology. These interactive whiteboards are extremely efficient and enable teams to brainstorm ideas, develop them, and then create exciting presentations. These panels are often designed to work with video conferencing platforms and also include the most current software for creating content. BenQ’s EZWrite suite is a prime example of a software suite that allows you to write, draw, and display information on your screen in real-time.

With the right conference room tech your meetings will be the most productive they’ve ever been. Contact an DGI consultant to find out more about the tools the best for your company.

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